EMAfilms produces stories that appeal to an international film audience that will inspire and entertain. With vision and creative drive, Anne-Marie Gélinas, the founder and producer, works with innovative and ambitious writers and directors from around the world.


In 2015, TURBO KID, a Canada-New Zealand coproduction, written and directed by the RKSS collective, premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and has since participated in over 50 festivals, garnering more than 15 prizes, including the Audience Award at SXSW and a Quebec Cinema Gala Award for Best Make up. The film, distributed in the USA by EPIC Pictures Group, in the UK by Lionsgate-UK, in Australia by Transmission and sold in 13 other territories, it also won Best International Film at the 2016 Saturn Awards.


Anne-Marie Gélinas also produced Hélène Choquette’s 2015 documentary A DOG’S LIFE, which premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival, played at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal, at the One World human rights festival in Prague and was selected in competition in Hot Docs 2016.


Another project that same year was Raphaël Nadjari’s NIGHT SONG, a France-Canada coproduction, which had its March premiere in Montreal and opened in theaters in Europe in April 2016.


In 2012, the EMAfilms production, MARS & AVRIL by Martin Villeneuve premiered at Karlovy Vary. It also played at several festivals including the Mumbai, Whistler and Mill Valley Film Festivals. The film received 5 nominations at the Canadian Screen Awards and 4 nominations at the Quebec Cinema Awards in 2013. After much critical acclaim, Martin was invited to give a Ted Talk on the creative process.


In 2001, Jean’s first role as producer was on a mock-doc for The Comedy Network on the life-threatening dangers of reading; READING: THE SILENT KILLER.


Since then she has produced television series, features and slightly more serious documentaries, such as a recent co-production with Norway on the South Sami people, entitled THE WHISPERERS, nominated for Nordic children’s movie of the year at the 58th Nordic film festival.


Jean has served as producer on two Guy Maddin features, and spent over two months on the edge of Hudson Bay production managing seven camera teams, filming life in Polar Bear Town, Churchill, Canada.


Jean continues to pursue projects that are unique, but more importantly; involve interesting people.


From Wendake, Québec, Simon Villeneuve entered the television and cinema industry in 2005 as a director of photography. As a DOP, Simon worked on more than a 90 music videos, 75 commercials and corporate videos, 2 fiction features, 20 short films and more than 175 web series episodes.


In 2017, RADIUS the second feature length Simon shot as a DOP, will come out in theaters and he will start shooting the second season of the TV series LÂCHER PRISE for Radio-Canada.


Benoit Beaulieu started his career as a producer on Martin Villeneuve’s MARS & AVRIL in 2012, and then partnered up with Anne-Marie Gélinas to produce TURBO KID, which had its world premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. In the fall of 2014, the dynamic duo produced the French film NIGHT SONG, directed by Raphaël Nadjari, on which Benoit was also the Director of Photography - as he still pursues his first passion. With his work on MARS & AVRIL and Mamoru Oshii’s THE LAST DRUID : GARN WARS, it is clear that Beaulieu is a producer and a cinematographer to watch out for.


Sylvain Bellemare is a Canadian sound editor and sound designer, best known internationally as the supervising sound editor of ARRIVAL (2016), for which he won the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing and the BAFTA Award for Best Sound (shared with Claude La Haye and Bernard Gariépy Strobl). He is also known for SOFT SHELL MAN (2001), IT’S NOT ME, I SWEAR! (2008), INCENDIES (2010), MONSIEUR LAZHAR (2011), GABRIELLE (2013) and ENDORPHINE (2015). He frequently works with the Quebec filmmakers Philippe Falardeau and Denis Villeneuve.


Benoît Charest is a Canadian guitarist and film score composer from Quebec. He is best known for the soundtrack of the animated film LES TRIPLETTES DE BELLEVILLE (2003), for which he won a César Award for Best Music Written for a Film, as well as a Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Music. The song « Belleville Rendez-vous », in particular, earned him an Academy Award nomination as well as a Grammy Award nomination.